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  • Foys Lake
The artificial Foys Lake has been developed in Khulshi area, about eight kilometers from Chittagong. In 1924 it was constructed under the supervision of Assam Bengal Railway Authority. The lake was created artificially to meet the demand of water for the people. Then it was known as 'Pahartoli Lake.' Later, the name of the English railway engineer Foy was named after 'Foys Lake.'

Currently, it is owned by Bangladesh Railway. This lake is built on approximately 336 acres of land, by constructing a dam in a narrow valley between the top of the hill from one peak to the other.

Foys Lake

At present, around the lake, the country's leading construction company Concord has established Entertainment Park, Sea World, and Resort, etc. For the visitors, boat riding, the concert is organized here. Visitors can also rent cottages to lake areas. That system has also been kept. Many local and foreign tourists came out to attract the enchanting natural environment.

There are a lot of trees on both sides of the Lake. Various species of trees include teak, garjan, korai, Acacia, Agar, Sonaloo, Kanakuchura, Radhachura, almond, Palm, Thai karai, etc. The medicinal plants include Basak, Neem, Arjuna, Bisolyokarani, Pathorkuchi, Cinnamon, Sarnagandha and various species of trees.

Concord has divided the natural beauty of Foy's Lake into two parts - Amusement Park and Sea World. There are pedal boats, speedboats, engine boats, water B. There are numerous restaurants for food and dining. Aquatic zones with marine creatures sculpted in the lake.

Water Park C-World can be seen only after 10 minutes on the engine boat from the Lakes boat Station. The most attractive Ride Wave-pool in this thrilling state of water, which is an artificial beach that plays great waves like the waves of the sea.

Foys Lake

You can float in the waves of artificial beach on the tube. Dancing zone just next to the wave-pool. Artificial rain and many colors of light are playing here Tourists danced in the mix of music. There are children pools for children. Family Pools for Everyone.

For those who want to spend here in silence, there is Lake Resort and Bungalow. There are also air-conditioned rooms for the visitors. The bungalow has been built near the hills. Restaurants facilities are also available and open for 24 hours. 

For the kid, the amusement world is a dream place. Here are all materials for children's entertainment. For them, the rides are Baby Karaosal, Circus Train, and Swing, etc. 

As mentioned earlier, Resort and bungalows are available inside Foy's Lake. There are exclusive discounts on the occasion of Eid.

Foy's Lake

Foy's Lake Amusement Park entrance fee - 300 Taka for adults. (With a ride, ice cream or Pepsi) and for children, it will cost 200 Taka (with a ride, ice cream or Pepsi).

For all rides, 400 Taka (with ice cream or Pepsi) and 300 Taka for children with all rides (with ice cream or Pepsi). The rates can be changed anytime, to see the latest pricing you can visit their website. 

Water Park C World entry fee: To enter the amusement park, with all rides of 600 Taka (with ice cream or Pepsi) and on the city gate road, with the access to the Cornell Hat Gate, 450 Taka(with ice cream or Pepsi) with all rides. 

Foy's Lake

Resort package: For two, for two days-a night stay (with Lake Amusement Park and all rides, Water Park-C World and all rides use, morning breakfast, lunch/dinner) 3 thousand 900 rupees. VAT will be added with this.

Those who want to stay in the Lake in Chittagong contact them with their Dhaka office and book it at Lake Resort. There are also exciting concerts organized here on particular days to enjoy.

Opening and closing time: Every day this park will be open for visitors from 11 am to 8 pm and any weekends will be open from 10 am to 8 pm.

Foy's Lake

How to go: Pahartali area is not so far from Chittagong city. If you do not own cars, can take auto rickshaw or CNG to go there and it will take approximately 10 minutes. It is easy to reach by bus-taxi-microbus (Tk 20-300) from the city. From Dhaka, after reaching Chittagong on an AC/non-AC bus or train (500-1200 Taka) by car/taxi/bus from Chittagong city, you can smoothly go there. The cost will be 20-300 Taka.

Bus counters contact numbers: Green line: 02-7100301, Sohag Paribahan: 02-934447, Saudia: 01197015610, TR travels: 02-8031189, Hanif Paribahan: 01713402671.

Other hotels to stay:

  • Hotel Paramount: non-AC single room rent is 800 Taka, double 1300 Taka, AC rooms 1400-1800 Taka. For booking: 031-2856771, 01713248754.

  • Hotel Asian SR: station road, for booking: 01711889555.

  • Hotel Safina: Enayet Bazar, for booking: 031-0614004.

  • Hotel Naba Inn: Nizam road, for booking: 01755564382.

  • Hotel Landmark: Sheikh Mujib Road, Agrabad. For booking: 01820141995, 01731886997.

Final words: It is one of the best exciting places to visit with your friends and family members. So don't be late, let's go to Foys Lake.


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