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Beautiful Madhabpur Lake

Madhabpur Lake is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the Kamalganj Upazila of Moulavibar district in Sylhet division. Thousands of tourists coming to see the natural scenery from different parts of the country every day. Especially on the weekend Friday and Saturday. People are coming to enjoy the picnic in the Lake.

Why should you visit Madhabpur Lake?

The green hills around as well as high elevation. Plant row in the flat tea garden. Perhaps one of these birds will invite visitors to their tunes. You can see different wild species. Madhabpur Lake is a scenic view of nature by drawing itself. 

Blue sky and dark green hills, beautiful pictures of tea gardens like painted artists will take you in a different world. The smell of green leaves will make your mind energized.

Madhabpur Lake from the top of the hill

Seeing the monkey and Hanuman's jumping, you will enjoy the same joy as a kid. As far as crossing the middle of the high mountain, anybody will be lost in a dreamy world. Not only winter, in the monsoon season everyday tourists coming to the Lake.

Madhabpur Lake from the top of the hill

A project was taken up on October 10, 2005, to develop the Lake as a tourist center. Kamalganj Upazila Nirbahi Officer laid the foundation of tourism development center beside the lake.

Beautiful Madhabpur Tea Garden
Madhabpur Tea Garden

To protect the Madhabpur Tea Garden from the hilly terrain, in 1965, the Garden Authority made the dams in the middle of two hills. After that, the Lake was created. Locals know it as a 'dam.' The length of the Lake is 2.5 to 3 kilometers. 

There is numerous Shapla (water lily) spread throughout the water of the lake. Many people know this lake as 'Lake of the Lotus.' One of the exciting things of the Lake is, you will see the purple-blue water lily which is very rare.

Purple water lily in Madhabpur Lake

Madhabpur Lake from the top

The beauty of the hills on both sides of the lake is two types. To enjoy the beauty, you have to climb up the mountain. The mountains on the left are decorated with tea gardens and shady trees. The other side of the hills is full of different types of trees. 

The height of these mountains is 100 feet. The footpath has been made by cutting the hill on the banks of the lake, which has moved to the edge.

Madhabpur Lake from the top of the hill

How to go to Madhabpur Lake? 

The location of the lake is in Patrokhola Tea Garden in Madhabpur union of Kamalganj Upazila. It is 40 kilometers south of Moulavibazar district and 15 kilometers east of Sreemangal. To move from Dhaka to Madhabpur, you have to go to Sreemangal or Kamalganj by train or bus. If you want to go by bus, you need to go to Sayedabad Bus Terminal.

Important mobile numbers: There are Shyamoli Paribahan (Dhaka counters contact number  9124139 ) (AC, non-AC), City Link, Hanif  Enterprise (+8802-9008480), Green Line Paribahan (+8802-8331302-4, +88028353004-5) Moulvibazar City (AC, non-AC), Taj, Mitali (AC non AC) buses. Then from Bhanugachh Choumohona of Kamalganj to Madhabpur Lake. You can go there with a private car or a bus.

Things you can do:
  • Excellent panoramic view of the Lake.
  • Don't forget to trek around it.
  • Enjoy the beauty of tea garden and click some photos for sharing and memory.

Purple water lily in Madhabpur Lake

Where to stay? 

If you want to stay in a silent and peaceful environment, you can go to BTRI Rest House or Tea Resort. Sreemangal resort mobile number: 01988-33000.  Tea Town Rest house contact number: 01718-316202.  

Hotel Grand Sultan: 01730-793501. Besides, there is a 'Vacation Resort' to stay in a pleasant atmosphere; this beautiful resort is located in Habiganj Main Road. Stay at the resort and get help from your desired excursions. Apart from this, many rest houses and residential hotels have been built in the Sreemangal city.

Hotel Grand Sultan in Sreemangal
Hotel Grand Sultan

Where to eat? There are lots of hotels available to eat in the city. Of these, you can take the low-cost food at any of the Noor Foods, Noakhali Hotel, Shah Hotel, Dhaka Biriyani House, Hotel Madhumita, etc.

And the cost? To see all the sights of Sreemangal, you have to take some time to come. Two-day travel from Dhaka for two can cost about four to five thousand Taka.

Final words:

The green hills around. High-low Tila combination. The sun-rays are coming up through the trees of the hill. You can see these scenes on a walk if you go to Madhabpur Lake.

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